White words

Do you really want to work for a company that won’t even bother to read your application unless a piece of software tells them to? The software sifts through the applications looking to see if you have used the same keywords that are contained within the job description. If you chose to use your own words to describe skills and experiences, tough, you won’t even get a look in. They won’t even read the application let alone invite you for an interview. But isn’t this just laziness on the part of the company? If that is how they treat applications, what else are they capable of?

Agreed, there are a lot of applicants for every vacancy these days. But does it really take up that much time to read through them? Really? What about individuality? Some applicants, myself included, might be highly qualified for the position they are applying for, but they don’t like using jargon and keywords, they want to stand out as the one who is different from the rest. Why is that now considered to be unacceptable way of applying for a job?

You can get into the second stage of the application process either by ensuring you include the keywords in the description of your skills, or by copying the job description and pasting it into the application form or your CV, then making the font white so that the software still reads it and puts you forward, a process called White Wording.

I confess, I only recently discovered the concept of White Words. I know it has been used in website pages for many years, that is how sites get themselves at the top of search engine results, or at least they used to, these days the likes of Google claim to have latched on to the practice and put a stop to it.

They say that you should never put the White Words into an application that is being sent directly to an employer because the HR people highlight all of the text to check for them. But do they? Would they? If the company cannot be bothered to actually read the applications, instead accepting only those that contain the White Words, then why bother to search for them afterwards? It doesn’t make sense.

However distressing it is to have found out about the practice, I now know that if I want to work again, I have no option but to start doing it too, but I’m not at all sure I will feel comfortable working for the firm that hires me that way.

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